Not watching… Shooting.

Sunset in summer (at Potato Head Beach Club)

Chasing The Sun

Face timing is my new favourite sometimes food.


EDWARD FORTYHANDS" by Tyler & Mamrie

I have tears

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Return of the Mac.

Smile :) There’s nothing else to do on a Sunday

Fun Time Ahead. #TheColorRun


Google HQ Australia

Cobra Starship!! Middle Fingers Up!

#NovasRedRoom #NoFilter Rebecca Ferguson (at NOVA 969)

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On the Red Carpet of The Lucky One. Any Q’s for Zac Efron or Taylor Schilling

Got ma ma ma edit face. Christina Parri

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Australian ice carpet Premier. #IceAge #Movie #Premier #Ice

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You can turn it off, but I’ll just yell.

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